List of Recalled Pet Foods / Safe Pet Foods / How to Prevent

List of Recalled Pet Foods/ Safe Pet Foods/ How to Prevent

I’m writing this article as someone whose cat was affected by tainted cat treats. My heart goes out to all pets and their owners affected by this inexplicable situation. Below you’ll find information and links that may help you,answers questions, and will explain how we can safeguard our pets in the future.


List of Affected Foods

Check out the FDA’s website related to the pet food recall. Menu Foods has a hotline at 1-866-463-6738 for more information.


Please be aware that there have been reports about large stores like Wal-Mart erroneously restocking recalled food in some areas. This can happen anywhere at any store.


If You Have Food/Treats on the Recall List

If you have any affected food stop feeding it to your pet immediately and contact your vet. Immediately contact your vet if your pet shows signs of kidney failure which includes vomitting, loss of appetite, and an overall lethargic and sick mood/look. This is a scary time for pets/pet owners, but your pet can get through this, so remain positive, stop feeding him/her the food, and seek help from your vet. Before food was recalled my cat became very ill, vomited blood, and was extremely lethargic and ill and it took a couple weeks but he is fine now.


How to Prevent This in the Future

Because of the massive and unprecedented pet food recall, millions of pet owners are wondering what can be done to prevent anything like this from happening again. The only good thing that comes from a situation like this is change–and the $15 billion dollar under regulated pet food indusry is long over due. Most of us assume that the pet food industry is safe and regulated, but the FDA openly admits the pet food industry is not a priority and investigations usually occur only after complaints (aka pet deaths) are made.


What Food is Safe for Pets to Eat?


Buy Gluten-Free and Rice Protein-Free, US/CAN Only Foods.

The FDA states that tainted wheat gluten and rice protein concentrate imported from China is the making pets ill. Your first step in finding safe pet food is to choose food that is gluten-free and rice protein-free. The ASPCA has an article about how to find safe pet food.


Buy Foods That Are NOT Tested On Animals

Buy natural foods made with ingredients for human consumption, and not tested on animals, and you’ll save more lives than just your pet’s. Sadly, some pet foods are made with ingredients “not for human consumption” and therefore are tested on dogs and cats in labs for safety. If someone gave you a plate of food at a restaurant and said, “We’re not really sure how safe this food is, but don’t worry, we just tested it on five people and none of them died,” would you eat the food? No! And why eat at that restaurant, when there is another one just down the road that serves 100% natural food that doesn’t have to be tested first to see if someone dies from eatting it! You can learn more about this and how to stop this


Make/Buy Natural Pet Food

Buy food made with ingredients “for human consumption” not “by products” or make pet food from natural ingredients. Why? Food for human consumption is more regulated than food for animal consumption. If you make your own food, follow a vet or nutrionist-approved recipe. Like humans, pets need specific nutrients in their diet to keep them healthy, so a great deal of education goes into making homemade food. For those without the time or inclincation, a great option is to buy food from a holistic/homemade pet food company. Do a search for local Holistic Pet Food retailers or see our list at the end of this article.

Not everyone can afford to buy holistic food from a pet food store that sells all natural items. It can be expensive. There are many safe food options still on shelves, just look for dry food with no wheat gluten or rice-protein concentrates and try to find food made in the US. You can also find a great deal of homemade pet food reciepes online which are healthy and perhaps the most economical of them all.


By Product Pet Food Was Never Good For Your Pet

Wet pet food that contains “animal by-products” was never good for your pet in the first place and here’s why. Animal by-products are parts of rendered animals that aren’t fit for human consumption–such as the feet and heads of animals. Take those, along with animals that died on the way to the slaughter facility, blend it all up, and that is what goes into your pet’s food if “by products” are listed on the label. I fed my pets this type of food for years because they loved it–were basically addicted to it–but never again.


Here are just a few of the companies that have made natural pet food for years, and do not test on animals. (Get the full list at


Amore Pet Food

Artemis Comapny


Country Pet (offering a free sample)

Click here for free sample page




Halo Purely Pets (samples reguarly offered)

Click here for Halo’s sample page


Holistic Blend


The Honest Kitchen (register to win a 20 lb. bag)


Kosher Pets (Free Sample)

Go the Kosher Pets free sample page.


Nature’s Variety (free offer)

Go to Nature Variety’s free offer page.


Newman’s Own (made in US, certified organic)


V Dog