Cat Litter 2013. Cat Litter Coupons Printable.

Cat Litter Coupons 2013

Spending money on cat litter is like spending it on toilet paper. You hate to dish out the cash on it week after week, but there’s no way around it (well, no GOOD way around it!). So, to help you save money, here is an updated list of coupons for cat litter. For cat litter deals, check out our blog.

Fresh Step cat litter coupon: printable $1 off coupon. You can print two (hit the back button after the first print).

Johnny Cat cat litter coupon: printable $1 off coupon. You have to join the Johnny Club first.

Cat’s Pride cat litter coupon: printable $1 off coupon. Print two coupons per month from their Facebook page. Good on containers or trays.

Feline Pine cat litter: $1.50 coupon. Feline Pine is an environmentally friendly cat litter that is made of cedar dust pellets.

Arm & Hammer cat litter coupon: printable cat litter coupons. $1 off. Print two each month. Also look for peelies for Arm & Hammer litter on bottles of A&H laundry detergent in grocery stores.

Scoop Away cat litter coupon: check for coupons.

Tidy Cats cat litter coupon: printable $1 off coupons. Look in the lower-right side of the homepage for the coupon link.

Yesterday’s News cat litter coupon: Check for coupons.