Free Mental Health Resources and Information 2013

Free Mental Health Information and Resources

The United States Department of Health and Human Services has a page dedicated to substance abuse and mental health. There are many free booklets and information guides on different mental health topics. This is helpful information not only for people just diagnosed, but for their family members and friends. There is a great deal of information here ranging from ADD, bipolar, post traumatic stress disorder, schizophrenia, preventing suicide, women’s health, veterans health, tips for talking to youths after traumatic events and disasters, tips for survivors of traumatic events, managing stress, what to do about bullying, knowing your rights, how to pay for mental health services, helping children with mental health needs, eliminating barriers, social inclusion and more. They also have a resources guide by state.

Another excellent free resource is They have free support groups and educational programs. If you know someone who is challenged by a mental illness, please have some empathy. It’s a neurological disorder. If someone had cancer would you treat them poorly? Of course not. Unfortunately, people with mental illnesses are usually alienated. Not just by family, friends and co-workers but possibly by their local law enforcement, neighbors, and even medical professionals.

So, please, be kind and patient and look out for anyone you know or suspect has a mental illness. Their lives are challenging enough, don’t add to that. Be on their side. If you don’t have a mental illness it’s not because you’re “better,”, it’s just a statistics thing. If you’re reading this and you do have these challenges, check Some of the smartest, creative and most interesting people in theworld’s history and today had/have a neurological disorder, from Abraham Lincoln and Albert Einstein to Winston Churchill and Tennessee Williams.

If you’re an employer there are many posters and booklets available to you including Workplaces That Thrive A Resource For Creating Mental Health-Friendly Work Environments.