Free Kids Guide to Plants and Flowers

In between marathon video game sessions and other indoor activities, kids should take some time to get out and enjoy nature. While nature may not seem as exciting as the latest video game or the hottest toy, there is a lot for kids to experience outdoors and, best of all, it is all free. Taking a few moments to help kids learn about the plants and flowers they discover outdoors will help them discover some of the more fascinating elements of nature and learn to appreciate the great outdoors. Soon they will be identifying plants and flowers, explaining how they grow and maybe even trying to grow some plants and flowers of their own.

All about Plants and Flowers

Plants and flowers start out as tiny seeds and grow into living organisms that play an important part in the environment. Teaching kids to understand the role plants and flowers play in the environment includes teaching them all about how these organisms grow and what they need to survive. It also involves teaching them to recognize the plants and flowers they find around them.

Unique Plants and Flowers

Scientists have discovered over 300,000 species of plants and flowers, but some stand out more than others. Many catch kids’ attention based on how they look, feel or smell. Other plants are poisonous or know to irritate kids with allergies and they should be taught to recognize them and avoid their harmful effects.

Gardening Basics

Few activities help kids appreciate plants and flowers more than giving them a chance to grow their own. When kids plant their own garden, they learn about the life cycle of plants first-hand and get to be a part of helping something grow. While it may take a lot patience waiting for plants and flowers to grow, kids will enjoy the end result, especially if their gardening results in fruits and vegetables they can eat.