Carmex Coupons for Lip Balm and Lotions PLUS Store Freebies

Carmex Lip Balm Coupons and Samples


Carmex coupons can be found online, in magazines, and in Sunday papers. According to their website, Carmex has been ranked the #1 pharmacist recommended lip balm for nine consecutive years by Pharmacy Times magazine, which I’m sure we all read.

Carmex Samples

Request a free sample of Carmex lip balm and you might be one of the 50 lucky people each month who get one.

Carmex Coupons

Once registered, you’ll be emailed a printable Carmex coupon for $1 off, regardless of if you get the free sample lip balm. After that, you’ll periodically get coupons for Carmex by email. This includes coupons for the new Carmex healing cream and lip balms with a hint of tint.

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Carmex has a Conscience

You might also like to know that Carmex does not test on animals and they’ve developed a more environmentally friendly container with 20% less plastic.