Free Fancy Feast Cat Food Samples and Coupons 2013

Free Fancy Feast Sample and Coupons

Sign up to print out coupons at the Fancy Feast website. That is how you get free samples in the mail. It is not always advertised. The free sample I got here was obtained that way. If you’re looking for Fancy Feast cat food coupons, always check the back of your grocery receipt, or the coupon printer at the grocery store. You’ll often find some there. There are also Fancy Feast coupons in the Sunday paper. Look for peelies too. I’ve been seeing that a lot lately. (Peelies are directly on the product in the stores and can be used instantly to buy one get one free or get money off.)

Something you’ll also want to take a look at is Together We Can, an initiative by Purina®, Friskies® and Fancy Feast® to recyle all those pet food cans! According to the site, recycling one 5.5 oz. aluminum can, can power a 30 inch TV for 2 hours. For each pledge to recyle, they’ll donate $1 to Keep America Beautiful, up to $100K.

cat food sample